[Orders] 2015 Henry Calendar (by Anniez)

[Orders] 2015 Henry Calendar (by Anniez)

Preview Link http://cfile3.uf.tistory.com/image/21574247541A8F4A2C586F


Calendar – size 240 x 170mm, 30 pages

Mini Photobook – size A5, 48 pages




$37.50 (Subjected to shipping fee changes)

Payment period

Pre-payment:              Now – September 30th

Normal payment:          Now – November 15th

Free gifts

Pre-payment:              Photocard + special gift (secret)

Normal payment:          Photocard


Early January

Postal Fee to addresses within Singapore

1 copy: $37.5 + $5 (registered article)


Please transfer to POSB Savings 060-76385-2

Order form:

Subject : 2015 Henry Calendar set : Payment confirmation!

After you have made your payment please fill the following form, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RDNO-8TpVsgkg36plmYDIkqGkgUZ-NytJt1uo0_x0Ds/viewform?usp=send_form

[News] Naver Star Guest interview: Musician vs Variety vs SJ-M maknae (Eng Translation)

*Note: Translation is done to my very best.*

Musician Henry’s profile


– Name: Henry
– Individual skill: Performing while playing the violin, challenging new instruments one by one (!!)
– Instrument that I wish to challenge: Korean instruments like the Korean Zither
– Representative song: Trap! But for now, it is Fantastic! (Please give loads of love for Fantastic♥)
– Favourite song in this album: 자꾸자꾸(You)! Usually I do not listen much to the songs I made as I am shy, but I will want to keep listing to this song
– Motto: To be a musician who makes the “Life OST” where people will listen everyday, music that deliver happiness and sadness and has life stories in them.
– Favourite musician: Michael Jackson! I feel that Michael Jackson’s music is the perfect music that one can both see and listen. I really respect him.
– Where do you get your ideas for composing music? : My life! The difficulties that I experience in life become the inspiration and indirectly through experiences of other musicians. Also, I usually make music during the dawn, many emotional songs are made during this time period.
– Habits when making music: I am always thinking for new song ideas. When I have a new melody, I will record it down and while repeatedly listening to it, new ideas will come up.
– Fantastic point of musician Henry: The image of playing instruments, and Smile ^-^
– Musician Henry is OOO: Musician Henry is a Serious Musician.
– Words to fans: I will keep working hard to make better music. Please anticipate more of me!
– Music that I wish to do in the future: I wish to do both “Music that can be seen” and “Music that can be listened”. Recently there are many amazing performances that shows “Music that can be seen”, but there are also a lot of goods songs that can be listened in the album, please listen to the songs in the album. Not just my album but also albums of other musicians. I will work hard on not only amazing performances but also in making music that is comfortable for listening.

Variety New Star Henry’s profile


– Name: Henry
– Nickname: 4 dimensional..No 8 dimensional! And also Happy Virus! (I like the name Happy Virus the most!)
– Fantastic point of Variety new star Henry: Playful, Likes people. And also the charm of being truthful!
– Famous phrases: Neckslice! Bboom! Pineapple.. ANd also… I can’t remember^^
– The kind of variety show that I want to challenge: There are a lot which I wish to challenge! Especially travel programs where new cultures are introduced while travelling
– Ability which I wish to have: The ability of Korean language! I wish to be better in Korean.
– Variety seniors whom I am close too: Gun-hyeongie hyung, Sooro hyung, Sam hyung, basically close with all the members in Real Men!
– Where do you get your variety sense?!: I learnt a lot from Super Junior hyungs. Not that I learn separately from them, but because I’ve been with them for a long time, it seems that I also got the sense.
– Things that became different after appearing on variety shows: Confidence? There are some points that I feel are my flaws but many people see them as my merits. I like to see people who laughs and become happy because of my ruined image in variety shows. And also I feel amazed when people recognize me.
– What is variety to Henry?: A blissful chance to be able to make others happy.
– Variety New Star Henry is OOO: Variety New Star Henry is “bliss”!
– Words to fans: Bboom! Hahaha (laughs)

Super Junior M maknae Henry’s profile


– Name: Henry
– Group: Super Junior M

– Position: Maknae and cutie ^ㅡ^
– Super Junior M Favourite Song: GO in 2nd album Breakdown! The reason is… I made the song? ^^
– Method of relieving stress with members: Gather together and eat ramyeon. Eating ramyeon alone is tasteless. Stress is relieved while eating ramyeon and talking with members. HAHAHA
– Super Junior member who left a deep first impression and the reason: Although all members were special , Heechul hyung! He has a pretty face and I thought he was a girl.
– Super Junior M who has a lot of overseas activities?!: I like being able to meet fans in countries that I wasn’t able to go and to experience the different cultures. Also, not just alone myself, being able to work with many people and I am starting to feel the responsibility of becoming a better artist.
– Good points of being maknae VS Bad points of being maknae: When there are big mistakes, hyungs will get scolded on behalf VS Because of being the maknae, there are a lot of errandsㅠ
– Solo Henry vs Super Junior M Henry: Lonely VS Fun! I feel lonely often while doing solo activities. During SJM promotions, as there are many members,it is always noisy and every moment is enjoyable. But during solo activities, as I am alone, I feel the emptiness due to absence of the members.
– SJM’s reaction to Fantastic: There were a lot of words like “It seems to suit well with Henry”. And also members gave a lot of support. When I was filming the MV, Donghae hyung and Ryeowook hyung came to visit and brought food. Eunhyuk hyung and Zhou Mi hyung came during music programs and gave advices. Really thankful :)
– SJM maknae Henry is OOO. : SJM maknae Henry is a “kka-bul-ie” (Playful kid)
– Words to fans: Although I am promoting solo now, I do not think that I am alone. If I wasn’t SJM’s maknae, there won’t be the Henry now. I will be back as SJM’s Henry soon, so please wait a bit more!


[POLL] Favourite Song in Henry’s Fantastic Album

Following our dear boss (@henrylau89) question, we have set up a poll so that it is easier for him to see :)

All Strings please participate actively!!!!

which song on the “fantastic” album would u like to see the most performed?

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