[From Henry] 090429 Baidu replies

2009-4-29 23:02


2009-4-29 23:03
bu zai ma?!

No one’s here?!

2009-4-29 23:04
wo buneng zai xian tai jiu… nimen zui jin hao ma? qin xian zi jin hao ma? wo hen xiang nimen!!!

I can’t stay online for long…How is everyone recently?Are Strings doing fine nowadays?I really miss you all!!!

2009-4-29 23:05
hao wo yao zou le… hen xiang gen nimen liao…

byebye xie xie nimen

ming tian jian!

Okay,I need to go off…Really feel like chatting with you guys…
Byebye Thanks everyone
See you tomorrow!

Credits: Henry Baidu Bar
Translated by: EternalHua/StringswHenry@twitter

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