[From Henry] 100411-10427 Twitter Updates

100411 10:59PM KST

just arrived back to Korea! Finally finished the final show of Super Show 2 Asian tour in Philippines! It was great! Thanx everyone!

100412 11:18PM KST

rainy day today in Korea…

100415 8:22PM KST

just finished eating bulgogi.. MMMM haha hope everyone has a nice day! cya! cya!!

100415 12:12AM KST

i heard its raining in taiwan…I love rain cause after rainy day the airs so fresh :) :) and yes its me! lol

100417 11:33PM KST

bought lotsa new pairs of jeans today at Dongdaemun! (it was really cheap too!lol)been such a long time since I’ve had time to do my own shopping!

100418 07:16PM KST; 07:46PM KST; 07:47PM KST

Doin a lil exercise at the gym! Health is the most important thing!!

Camera fun! http://twitpic.com/1gjg6j

At the gym! http://twitpic.com/1gjgde

The pictures he shared:

100421 07:07AM KST

writing a new song now! i think it’s a good one…well i hope it is! haha have a good day everyone!

100424 07:55PM KST

Just got a haircut! I love getting my hair washed at the salon! Hehe lol relaxin!

100424 10:40PM KST

I’m at Lotte world!! 롯데월드왔어요! 재밌게 놀다 갈게요.have a good night everyone!! http://twitpic.com/1i1v5e

100424 10:54PM KST

Dajia hao wo zai hanguo de ‘lotte world’ wan! Hen kuai le!http://twitpic.com/1i1wbu

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Tweet written in Pinyin(Chinese romanization)
In Characters:大家好我在韩国的’lotte world’玩!很快乐!
Translation by EternalHua@twitter:Hello everyone,I’m playing at Korea’s ‘Lotte World’!Very happy!

100426 11:57AM KST

hop u all had a good day! dong hae, Chance, n i done for the day. thought we would take a pic n say goodnight to e http://twitpic.com/1iepik

Picture shared:


Eatin tacos!!!I love tacos http://twitpic.com/1itbdf

Picture shared:

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