[Fanart] Exclusive one-shot fanfic from Mod

[Z] here~ Everyone remembers my tweets on how SJ is going to Henry to tweet in English?So here I am giving a full one-shot fic~

This is written exclusively for StringswithHenry. PLEASE DO NOT POST THIS ELSEWHERE!!!THANK YOU.


When it comes to English,look for Henry

It was 10PM.
SJ were gathered in the 11th floor except Siwon and Kibum who had drama schedules.
Henry and Zhoumi came to sleepover;Henry was sharing a room with Ryeowook and Yesung.

Heechul was wandering around with cat eyes,”HENRY! WHERE ARE YOU!”
Henry popped out from Ryeowook’s room,”Yes hyung?”
“YA!Come to my side!I need you to help me tweet in English!”Heechul grabbed Henry to his side and sat down in front of his laptop.
Upon hearing this,the other members turned,stared,looked at each other and realized all of them had the same idea but Heechul started it.
And.War started.

Heechul took Henry’s hands and put in on his keyboard,”Type Petals and Undead,rise now! Your Princess is here.”
Henry obediently typed and before he even hit enter,someone pulled him away.
“Don’t help that brat,come help me!” It was Hangeng. He was faster than the rest of the SJ due to his agility.
“YA!” Heechul yelled,but looked back at his laptop,hit enter and waited for response.
“What is this?” Hangeng was asking about a tweet where someone asked him to read his DM.
“She’s asking you to check your direct messages.It’s here…AHHH!!” Henry wanted to click but someone pinched his cheeks and dragged him away.
“Ya! Sit here and don’t move or else I’ll pinch you again! Type ‘This is Kangin.How’s everyone doing tonight?’ ”
Henry looked at Kangin,rubbing his cheeks because Kangin pinched it hard.
He reluctantly typed it,hit enter and someone shouted for him. This time is was the eldest.
“HENRY! Come here! No one snatches him from me!” Teukie warned his dongsaengs, using his leader power now.
“Hyung,what do you want to type?” Henry is giving up hope. He’s prepared to stay awake until his hyungs sleeps.
“Tell them I’m Angel Teuk and ask them what did they think of our new 4jib image.”
“Yes,hyung.”Henry said and started to type,while Teukie keeps his sharp eyes on his dongsaengs.

The rest of the SJ members were behind Teukie and Henry,all “fighting” whether to grab Henry from their leader.
Donghae who was more daring,pulled Henry away.
“How do you spell don’t get into an affair?”Donghae asked how to type his favourite line.
Henry took Donghae’s Blackberry and started typing,then Eunhyuk came and pulled him.
“Type I am not gay.Even if I am,I won’t choose Donghae.”Eunhyuk was getting loads of tweets about EunHae.
“Hyung,are you sure?”Henry asked with doubts.
“What are you thinking! TYPE!”Eunhyuk said.
Donghae heard what Eunhyuk asked Henry to type and quickly tweeted in Korean,”Don’t believe what Eunhuyk is going to tweet,he loves me.”
After Henry finish helping Eunhyuk,he thought he could have a rest,but Yesung pulled him away.
“Henry,I just need you to tweet once.Tell them I’m going to buy another turtle tomorrow.I’m going to make a collection.”Yesung said seriously.
Everyone heard Yesung and stopped what they were doing.”WHAT!!YOU ARE BUYING ANOTHER ONE?!?!”Kangin exclaimed.
The members started to bombard Yesung while Henry does the typing.
Kyuhyun who wasn’t interested pulled Henry away.
“Tell them I am not GameKyu.I’ve already controlled my addiction!”Kyuhyun said.
“Hyung,spending 6 hours on Starcraft without leaving the chair,is not controlling.It’s just shortening the time.”Henry retorted.
“YA!How dare you retort!Just type!”Kyuhyun exclaimed.
Henry typed,but added his own words secretly.”From Henry: He did not control it,he only shorten his time on gaming.”
“Done hyung~”Henry smiled innocently at Kyuhyun,and just when Kyuhyun was getting suspicious,Zhoumi shouted for Henry.

“HENRY!! HELP ME WITH THIS!”Zhoumi yelled.He just started Twitter and was totally lost with it.
Henry went to explain briefly to Zhoumi what is Twitter about and taught him how to use it.
After Zhoumi understood it,Henry immediately took out his Blackberry.It was his time to tweet.
“Everyone.I’m tired.You guys know the reason why SJ is tweeting in English?Yes,it’s me.”
Henry just hit enter to send his tweet and Ryeowook comes rushing out of the room.
“Henry,we haven’t finish composing our song!Why are you taking so long to come back!”Ryeowook yelled.All his hyungs and Kyuhyun stared at him.
“YA! We are just borrowing Henry for awhile!You are keeping him to yourself for so long and we didn’t complained.HENRY COME HERE!”Donghae said.
Henry gave a sorry look to Ryeowook and went to Donghae.Ryeowook can’t complain because he was one of the magnaes too.
He went back to his room and tweeted, “The hyungs are using Henry for English now.Huhuhu~”

Henry ran around the dorms helping his hyungs for 2 hours.Everyone just kept shouting,”HENRY!COME HERE! HENRY HOW TO SPELL! HENRY WHAT IS THIS?!”
The dorm doors and Henry saw his saviours.Siwon and Kibum was back.
“Hyungs!!!!!Help me~~~~~”He ran forward to hide behind the both of them.
“What happened?Why is everyone here?”Siwon asked.The both of them went up to the 12th floor but saw no one home.
“Because we need Henry to help us tweet in English.”Heechul replied.
Siwon and Kibum looked at Henry.Henry complained to them in English.
“I’ve been helping them for 2 hours!! Help me~~”Henry said in an aegyo tone.
Siwon and Kibum looked at each other,”Henry,we’re tired from the schedules.Just help a little bit more,okay?God bless you.Hwaiting!”Siwon said and quickly took his leave with Kibum.
“HYUNGS!!!”Henry yelled,but the both of them didn’t stop.
Henry turned back and saw his hyungs staring at him.
“I QUIT!”Henry yelled and ran out.Even going to the cold streets was better than staying in the dorms now.
The hyungs wanted to run after him but they looked at each other.
They were wearing pyjamas,some even had hairbands on their head.They were not in the state to run after Henry.

Henry went out of the dorms and went to the 24 hour cafe nearby.
“Finally I’m out of hyungs clutches.Phew~” He tweeted.He looked at his mentions and started laughing at his hyungs latest tweets.
Teukie: “Henry ran out of the dorms.Did we torture him so much?We just need his English~”
Henry:” Yes it was torture! RT @special1004 Henry ran out of the dorms.Did we torture him so much?We just need his English~”

Heechul: “Henry ran out.Petals and Undead get ready to translate my tweets.”
Henry: Good luck everyone.RT @heedictator Henry ran out.Petals and Undead get ready to translate my tweets.

Hangeng: ” Henry pao chu qu le.Wo zhi hao da zhong wen.(Henry ran out.I’ll type in Mandarin now.)”

Yesung: “Henry ran out.Never mind.Let’s continue with our turtles naming!”
Henry: @Yesung Hyung,just buy 15 and name the smallest one as Henry.

Kangin: “AISH!I feel crippled without Henry now.I’m off!”
Sungmin:”Mochi said he quits helping us~@henrylau89 Come back~”
Henry: @myblacksmile Sorry hyung,I’m sleeping outside tonight.

Shindong:”@henrylau89 ran out.We need him back.”
Henry:” @shinsfriends Hyung,your tweeting history is longer than mine.You’ll do fine~”

Donghae:” @henrylau89 I know you can see this! Come back!I’m flooded with English tweets!”
Henry: “@donghae861015 Hyung,did you call me?*acts blind*

Siwon:” @henrylau89 Don’t come back until it is clear.God bless you.”
Henry:” @choi_sw Hyung and Kibum hyung didn’t help me!

Eunhyuk:”Henry got scared by us.AND I MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM NOT GAY!”
Henry:” Yes he is not.RT @Eunhyuk:Henry got scared by us.AND I MAKE IT CLEAR THAT I AM NOT GAY!”
Zhoumi:”Henry bei wo men xia pao le!Wo zhi hao da zhong wen,ying wei ying wen bu xing ah!(Henry got scared off by us!I can only type chinese now,because of my failed English!)

Ryeowook:”@henrylau89 YA! You ran off without telling me!” and “I will not cook for hyungs and Kyuhyun for 1 month.”
Henry:” @Ryeowook Sorry hyung but I couldn’t take it~ *pouts*

Kibum: “RT @choi_sw: @henrylau89 Don’t come back until it is clear.God bless you
Henry: @Kibum -_-

Kyuhyun: “I’m going off.Starcraft time.Good night ELFs~”

After scanning through his mentions and replying some,Henry then tweeted:
“Hyungs,I’m not going back.NO WAY!GOOD NIGHT!”
Henry tweeted this and went to get himself a coffee,he’s going to sleep in the cafe rather than going back to the dorms.

The 14 hyungs back home continued tweeting in Korean but because most tweets they received were in English and they couldn’t really understand them,their interest faded and slowly went to sleep.They even got scolded by Ryeowook,who was mad at his hyungs and Kyuhyun for making Henry run out of the dorms without his sweater.

The next morning,Henry went back to the dorms silently.No one was awake at that time,except he heard some noises in the kitchen.Eunhyuk was trying to cook.
He nearly yelled when he saw Henry coming back,but Henry ran up to him and covered his mouth.
“Hyung! Keep quiet, or else I’ll tell Ryeowook hyung not to cook for everyone forever!”
Eunhyuk became quiet because this was a big threat.”YA! You brat! Where did you go the whole night!”
“I went to that 24 hour cafe.”Henry replied.
“And slept there?Goodness~”Eunhyuk said.
“Yeah,I’ll go in and find Ryeowook hyung!”Henry said and skipped off,while Eunhyuk…has another idea.

Henry went in to YeWook’s room and saw Yesung still sleeping but Ryeowook was awake.
“Henry!”Ryeowook shouted.
“SHHHHHHHHHH!!!”Henry said and pointed at Yesung.
Ryeowook took the hint and they went out to talk.
“Ya! You brat made me worry all night!”Ryeowook pinched Henry’s cheeks.
“Hyung!Pain!”Henry rubbed his cheeks.”I can’t help it~Not my fault~”Henry pouted.
“Ah….Never mind.Are you hungry?”Ryeowook asked and Henry nodded furiously.
“Okay,I’ll cook ramen.Go wash up.”Ryeowook only said he won’t cook for his hyungs and Kyuhyun,but not Henry.

5 minutes later,the dorm doors opened.
“HENRY!Where are you?!?!!”Heechul yelled.
Henry who was inside the toilet got a shock.His hyungs are here?!Must be Eunhuyk hyung who told them.
Ryeowook got a shock too.”Hyungs! What are you all doing here?!”
“Where’s Henry?”Sungmin asked nicely.
Ryeowook shook his head.
“Bet he is in the toilet.”Donghae said and ran to the toilet,”HENRY! Come out!We have something for you!”
“No,I’m not going out!Hyung is going to ask me help with English again!I AM NOT GOING OUT!”Henry yelled.
The hyungs outside looked at each other,but it was the truth.They wanted him to help them translate tweets.
“YA! You come out now or else I’ll spank you!”Heechul yelled.
The hyungs kept shouting for Henry to come out but Henry just won’t come out.
Henry picked up his phone and dialed a number.
“Hello,is this the language centre?I need to enroll my hyungs for English lessons.Yes,my hyungs.There are 12 of them.They need Grade 1 English lessons.”
“Oh,lessons starts next week?No problem,I’ll go down to the centre to pay the fees and make sure my hyungs go for lessons next week.Thanks a lot.”
The members outside didn’t know what Henry said since it was in English but Siwon and Kibum were laughing madly at what Henry did.
Henry came out,”Hyungs.You all are going for English lessons next week.And I swear I am not going to step into the dorms until I feel like it!”
Their little baby announced and ran out of the dorms,leaving his hyungs dumbfounded and Siwon and Kibum still laughing.

Written by: EternalHua@twitter

10 thoughts on “[Fanart] Exclusive one-shot fanfic from Mod

  1. Dongseng, big sis is here!!!!
    OMO finally you’ve wrote this! Manage to find some time to write this… ;)
    back to the fic *with Yesung’s playing at da background*
    can we quoting here? heeee
    1st thing dat cracks me up is @Heedictator tweet about ‘your princess is here’ if it’s a prince dat would be normal but princess??? WTH…hahaha…it’s so heechul-ish…then the war started! i can imagine the scene in the dorm..! everyone started to pull and drag henry around da dorm…poor boy! and LOL at what da boys wanted henry to tweet for ’em…sepecially Donghae advanced tweet even before eunhyuk manage to say that he’s not gay! and Kyu’s im not a starcraft addict! LOl at what henry told him…not controlling but shortening! hahaha…seriously this fic gives me so much laugh! and finally when Henry went off to the cafe…leaving behind his hyungs…and what were the boys are wearing at dat time dat restrained ’em from running after henry…hahaha i can imagine dat too! and again LOL at their tweets about henry running away…and henry’s replies…ops…i missed this…what siwon said to henry when he asked for siwon’s help and siwon’s god bless you…hahaha siwon-ish so much? and again when Kibum RT siwon’s tweet to @henrylau89! dat is too, too kibum-ish…less talking…just RT kibummie? hahaha…and wookie’s not goin to cook anymore…n da next monin when henry comes back…how did the hyungs know about henry coming back to the dorm? hyukjae’s told ’em…via twitter? hahaha…awww…at HenWook! if i can do the quoting here, i’ll quote everything…hahaha…i love each tweet up there! i think i’ve missed some…but just take note dat i love everything! im glad u wrote this! lol at yesung’s turtle collection too! thumbs up for this! hope to see more SJ’s twitter saga in the future!

  2. ouh wow…!! It’s amazing !!
    I wonder if this could be true.. ^^
    You made my night my friend..
    Thanks for sharing it..you’re amazing !! XD

  3. ROLF.
    I really can’t stop laughing now. XD
    his hyungs was being so harsh to him, even Siwon N Kibum.
    poor Henry mochi~
    the english lesson for hyungs is needed. :P

    anyway, thanx for this good FF. ^^

  4. Aww nothing like a good Henwook fluff to make me smile

    oh the epicness of this waahhah though i also wrote something like this (but not exactly)
    this is funny in epic proportions ~~ ahhh just love HenWook and the rest of their fail moments ^^

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