[To Henry] Mentions of Henry from Michael Kim

April 20th,2010

At cafe chillin with amber.Waiting for henry lol

April 25th,2010

ok ssssso henry is here telling me that @henrylau89 is him.there.another mystery solved lol

April 27th,2010

@henrylau89 how dare you go to dos tacos with out me hen.lol

May 1st,2010

Woke up after 6 hours of sleep bcuz of Henry’s wakeup call lol but I can say dat Im having a good day.hope everyone is havin a wonderful day.

@henrylau89 Henry ur buying me dinner tomorrow lol where u at kid

How did I meet henry?I used to give him secret vocal lessons at his company lol

Cr: onewaychance@Twitter (Michael Kim)

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