[Mod Post] Baidu Tutorial

I thought this might be useful for everyone since Henry goes to Baidu quite often.(But recently he didn’t,since he had Twitter and the China Strings really miss him.)

Actually Baidu doesn’t need registration to see the topics,but if you want to comment,you must register!They delete comment if you left a comment without logging in.

Baidu is China based.And everyone knows China has only13,so their Baidu bars are usually only13. ESPECIALLY Super Junior Baidu Bar(you can see it once you enter the bar because their topic format is ┣SuJr13┫).Be warned if you understand Chinese and see them talking(bad) about HenMi.It’s normal there so don’t freak out and create a fight there.Just stay calm and ignore.PEACE!

How to register

1. Go to any Baidu Bar. For this tutorial,I’ll use Henry Baidu.

Henry Baidu: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=henry

CLick on the 注册 to register.

2. This window will pop out.Please fill in accordingly.

After you have finished filling it up,it should be something like this.

Click on the ‘注册’ button to register.Remember by clicking it you agree to all the terms and conditions of Baidu.

Note: If you see this appearing after you have typed your username,it means someone has taken that username.Try another one.

3. After clicking register,registration should be successful unless the details are wrong.This window should appear once you have successfully register.

After the window close,you will be login and there you go,you are registered for Baidu!

How to change your avatar

1.Click on your username on the top to go to your profile.

2.Click on the Change avatar.

3.Choose a photo to upload.

4.You need to resize the square there so that your avatar can be seen or else it will be cropped. If you had use a big picture,you can do cropping here.

Like this~


And done~Your avatar is change.

How to reply
At the end of every topic,there is a box(as show below) for you to type your reply.Just type it and after finishing,fill in the verification code and click on the 发表(Submit).

If this appears after you submit,it means the verification code is wrong,please try again.(It can be wrong for many times and you get fed up replying.)

Every member has their own baidu bar,and not just one.So I’ll provide those I always go to.

Super Junior
Park Jungsoo
Kim Heechul
Kim Joongwoon(Yesung)
Kim Youngwoon(Kangin)
Lee Sungmin
Shin Donghee(Shindong)
Lee HyukJae(Eunhyuk)
Lee Donghae
Choi Siwon
Kim Kibum
Kim Ryeowook
Cho Kyuhyun

Some tips around Baidu.
1. Every time you comment,you need to fill in the verification code.The code can really be irritating(it was for me).Type the code fast and DO NOT click to type it unless you have finish the comment you want to post.

2.There are membership applications at every Baidu bar,but there are minimum posts required and your registration time with Baidu must meet their requirements.Once a member of the Bar,the verification code is omitted.If you want to know the requirement,please ask below in the comments cause it’s too difficult to list all 15 bars requirements.

3.Every Bar has their own topic format(the front part of every topic) but there are some words that makes it obvious whether it has pictures or videos.I’ll list down some Chinese words.

图=Pictures(Sometimes the topic will put 图图 instead.)
截图=Screen caps
翻译=translation(from Korean to Chinese ususally)

4. I’m not sure about other Bars but Henry and Zhoumi Baidu has English chatting thread.Those interested can go~
Henry Bar English chatting thread
Zhoumi Bar English chatting thread

Anymore questions,feel free to ask by leaving a comment~ :)

Credits if taking out: StringswHenry@twitter

11 thoughts on “[Mod Post] Baidu Tutorial

  1. Why is it that everytime I click Ryeowook’s Baidu link up there this thing always shows up..


    What does it mean??

    Thanks. ^^

  2. YUP! can i reply on this thread..


    ?? .^_^.

    • It’s not possible to call him in Baidu.
      I’m afraid your thread may get deleted.
      However if you want a chance to talk to him,you can only wait till he pops in and post something(which I don’t know when it will be).


  3. why nice tutorial. :)
    Hmm I just wanna know how I can send pictures to them.
    Will they be able to see that picture if ever I send them one? :)
    Thanks in advance!

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