[Fanart] Fanfic from Mod Z – Behind the scenes of Super Show 2

Posted previously on SJW,so some may have saw it.

As the title suggested,this one shot is about SS2 and THIS IS FROM MY IMAGINATION.
Because I watched too much fancams ,noticed loads of small actions between the members,so sometimes I will start imagining little things.So these are just excerpts from my brain. :)

I’m only writing for Bangkok, Beijing and Taiwan SS2 because there were some noticeable events in these 3 shows.

2 BIG assumptions made in this one-shot:
1. All 15 of them are living together in the arrangement.
11th floor: Yesung,Sungmin,Eunhyuk,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun and Henry.
12th floor: Teukie,Heechul,Hankyung,Kangin,Shindong,Donghae,Zhoumi.

2. All 15 are present for the SS2.Just that I didn’t mention them.

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