[Fanart] Fanfic from Mod Z – Behind the scenes of Super Show 2

Posted previously on SJW,so some may have saw it.

As the title suggested,this one shot is about SS2 and THIS IS FROM MY IMAGINATION.
Because I watched too much fancams ,noticed loads of small actions between the members,so sometimes I will start imagining little things.So these are just excerpts from my brain. :)

I’m only writing for Bangkok, Beijing and Taiwan SS2 because there were some noticeable events in these 3 shows.

2 BIG assumptions made in this one-shot:
1. All 15 of them are living together in the arrangement.
11th floor: Yesung,Sungmin,Eunhyuk,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun and Henry.
12th floor: Teukie,Heechul,Hankyung,Kangin,Shindong,Donghae,Zhoumi.

2. All 15 are present for the SS2.Just that I didn’t mention them.

“Hyung,I want to change my solo for Bangkok’s concert.It feels empty without Jungmo playing the guitar for me.”Heechul brought up the issue to the person-in-charge of SS2.
The members are having a short meeting about the upcoming Bangkok’s SS2.
It was 1am in the morning and everyone was tired because they could only have the meeting after all schedules are finished for the day.
“Hmmm.But it’s quite a rush to change now.You won’t have much time to practice.”Person-in-charge said.
“It’s alright.I already have an idea but I need Ryeowook and Henry’s help.”Heechul grinned.
Ryeowook and Henry were dozzing off on each other shoulders but woke up when they heard their hyung mention their names.
“Did hyung call me?”Henry rubbed his eyes.
“YA! You two have a mission! I’m going to change my solo and you two are going to help me with the music.Ryeowook,you are going to play the piano and Henry you are going to play the violin!”Heechul said happily.
The 2 little ones stared at Heechul.
“Hyung,there’s only 1 week left!We don’t have the time to practice~”Ryeowook exclaimed.
“It’s alright.I’ve already gotten you the scores of the song.You can start practicing tomorrow.”Heechul took out the scores from his bag and gave it to both of them.
“Heechul,you planned this before coming to the meeting?”Person-in-charge asked.
Heechul grinned and nodded.”Alright,since you are prepared then I shall make the arrangements.Ryeowook and Henry,are you 2 okay with it?”Person-in-charge asked.
Both of them nodded because after looking at the scores,the song wasn’t difficult for them.
“Alright,nobody have any other businesses?That’s the end of meeting.Your cars will be here in 5 minutes,go to the lobby and wait.”Person-in-charge announced.
The 15 of them quickly scrambled from their seats and hurried down to the lobby.They just wanted to get back to their dorms as soon as possible to hit their beds.

SJ was on stage dancing U and Henry was behind the curtains yelling the fan chant together with the fans.
This was probably the only chance he could yell his hyungs name so informally,without getting scolded.
“Henry,keep it down! They are going to hear you and get distracted with their dancing!”Zhoumi warned Henry because the kid was yelling too loudly.
“Arasso!” Henry nodded,but 5 seconds later,”KIM JOONG WOON!”
Zhoumi just shook his head and prayed for Henry because he had just saw Heechul giving a death glare at Henry who was yelling happily.
When Henry’s violin part for U came out,the kid even imagined he was playing his violin.

The concert had ended and SJ were going around the stadium to thank the fans.
“Hyung,let Zhoumi and Henry come out.”Siwon told Teukie quickly.He had spotted the both of them hiding behind the curtains,waving to some fans.
Teukie nodded.He understood what Siwon meant.”Thank you hyung!”Siwon said and quickly ran to grab the both of them.
This time in Thailand,Henry and Zhoumi had received much love and support from the fans,so it seems appropriate for them to thank the fans.

“Zhoumi,Henry! COME OUT NOW!”Siwon yelled.
“WHAT!Hyung,we cannot go out!”Henry exclaimed.This wasn’t SJM concert,it was SJ’s Super Show 2.
“Siwon,we can’t go out even this is not Korea!”Zhoumi was shocked when Siwon came to the back stage and grabbed them.
“What nonsense are you talking about?!Let’s go!”Siwon grabbed the both of them by their necks and pulled them out to the stage.

SJ was walking back to the main stage and Siwon had just pulled the both of them out.
Zhoumi and Henry just bowed and wanted to go back to the back stage but the members caught them and Teukie just annouced something.
“And also thanks to SJM,our brothers Henry and Zhoumi!”
Hankyung grabbed them by their necks and pulled them to run forward.Some members also poured water down Zhoumi and Henry’s necks.
“Henry! Henry! Henry!”
“Zhoumi! Zhoumi! Zhoumi!”
Teukie led the fans in cheering for the both of them.
Zhoumi and Henry bowed to all the fans and Henry even made a heart shape with his hands.
It was indeed one of the best ending for SS2.

SS2 after party and the guys were having their favourite meat in a Korean restaurant in Thailand.
“Hyung! Don’t snatch my food!”Henry exclaimed when Shindong was trying to take meat out from his plate.
“YA! You have so much in your plate!”Shindong said and continue to eat from Henry’s plate.
“Hyung,I’ll cook you some! Stop taking from Henry’s plate!”Ryeowook said.
Henry took his plate away and did a funny face to Shindong.

“Sungmin,Kyuhyun,don’t drink so much.We’ve got a plane to catch tomorrow morning.”Teukie said.
The both of them were drinking wine like water and Teukie quickly stopped them.

“AH~”Heechul opened his mouth waiting for food to be sent in by Hankyung.
Heechul behaves totally like a baby when Hankyung is around to feed him.

“You monkey!What did you put in my mouth!”Donghae yelled and quickly grabbed his cup of iced water.
He thought Eunhyuk was so nice to be feeding him that he ate it without looking what was going in his mouth.
“HAHAHA!You babo!Was the chilli nice?”Eunhyuk was laughing madly.He fed Donghae a small piece of meat with a big piece of chilli.
Donghae kept drinking his water and glared at Eunhyuk who was rolling on the floor laughing.

It’s always chaotic scene during dinner time of these 15 guys we love.

“Seasoning!!”Heechul shouted.
It was 1 hour before the concert and Heechul suddenly wanted to learn some Mandarin phrases.
“Yes,hyung?”Zhoumi looked up from his PMP.
“Teach me Mandarin phrases~I don’t want to keep quiet again today!”Heechul said.
“No problem.Hyung,what do you wanted to learn?”Zhoumi asked.
“How do you say ‘I feel very happy to have everyone.Thank you everyone.’ ?”Heechul asked.
He wanted to say this to the fans at the ending today.
Zhoumi thought for awhile and taught Heechul how to say it correctly in Mandarin.
Heechul repeated after Zhoumi and even wrote down the pronounciation on a piece of paper.
“Wo jue de you ni men hen xing fu!Xie xie da jia~”Heechul said slowly.
“That’s right,hyung!”Zhoumi said.
“HAHA! I’m a genius for Mandarin! And how do you say ‘Zhoumi is my beloved dongsaeng.’ ?”Heechul asked.
He wanted to praise his little brother in front of all the fans.
“Hyung,are you sure you want to say that in the concert?”Zhoumi eyed at Heechul suspiciously.
“Of course!Faster tell me!”Heechul ‘demanded’.
Zhoumi thought for awhile and told Heechul how to say it.
“Zhoumi shi wo qin ai de di di.I’m a genius!”Heechul repeated and wrote it down.
He kept saying these 2 lines around the waiting room,making sure he had the correct pronounciation.

“Teuk,I want to say something later.”Heechul told Teukie when they were making their thank you around the arena.
Teukie nodded and they continue walking to make their thank yous.

After Siwon spoke to the fans in Mandarin,Heechul took out his piece of paper with the 2 lines Zhoumi had taught him.
“Wo jue de you ni men hen xing fu.Xie xie da jia~”Heechul said accordingly and the fans screamed.
Heechul seldom opened his princess mouth to speak Mandarin.
Siwon repeated what Heechul said and the both of them hugged,while Teukie motioned Donghae to speak.
Siwon and Heechul let go of each other,and Heechul had a glimpse at the back stage and remembered something.
“Teuk ah,Zhoumi Zhoumi~”He went to Teukie’s side and reminded him to ask Zhoumi and Henry out.Teukie nodded again.
After Donghae finished talking,Teukie said and turned to the back stage,”And now,let’s ask Zhoumi and Henry out to thank everyone together!”
“Zhoumi,Henry!!”The members shouted.
“Come out now!”Donghae yelled.
“Kuai!(Faster!) Kuai!(Faster!)”Shindong yelled.
Teukie also asked them to run up faster.
Henry and Zhoumi quickly ran out and up to the members.Siwon and Heechul went forward to fetch Henry and Zhoumi respectively.
Siwon,”They are also working very hard,very hard!”
Heechul took Zhoumi into his hands immediately.”Xie xie da jia(Thank you everyone!) Zhoumi,Zhoumi..”He forgotten how to finish the line.
Zhoumi spoke into his ear but Heechul couldn’t hear,”Mei guan xi mei guan xi~(it’s okay It’s okay~).
All of them held hands and bowed to the fans again.Shindong who was beside Zhoumi had his pig hat dropped when he bowed and Zhoumi picked it up for him.
After getting up from bowing,Heechul hugged Zhoumi tightly and he suddenly had an idea.
“I say Zhou,you say Mi! Zhou!”
“Mi!”Fans yelled back.
Siwon heard what Heechul said and copied him.
“I say Hen,you say Ry.Hen!”

Another moment of SS2 to remember.
They made their last thank you at the mainstage and went back in to the backstage.
But the fans didn’t want to leave and kept shouting “Encore!”.
The staff didn’tknow what to do and Teukie just suggested that they make another last thank you,so all of them went out again.
Heechul pulled Zhoumi out together and told him to piggyback him.
Zhoumi didn’t defy his hyung words and really piggybacked Heechul out to the stage.
The hyung and dongsaeng relationship,unbreakable.


“I WANT TO PERFORM F(X)’s CHU in TAIWAN!”Heechul raised his plan immediatedly after they were all settled down for a meeting for SS2 Taiwan.
Everyone stared at him with unbelievable eyes,thinking “Kim Heechul,are you nuts?”
“Hyung,are you crazy?We already have Gee.”Donghae asked.He was the only one who dared to voice out his thoughts because Heechul never scolds him.
“I’m not bonkers~This is called SM Town love.I bet the fans will love it and it will bring a lot of publicity for us and also F(X).”Heechul said seriously.
Everyone went silent because what Heechul just said was true.
“Heechul ah,you want to do it but do you have the time?”Person-in-charge asked.
“Of course! Hyung,just let me do it~I can plan everything nicely just like Gee.”Heechul said confidently.
“Alright,just tell me who are performing,so I can get the clothes and everything.”Person-in-charge sighed.
Heechul had opened his mouth,who dares to defy?The members prayed there wasn’t going to have another audition again just like Gee.

“Anyone have any other things bring up?” Person-in-charge asked.
“I do have a suggestion.Let Henry have a solo for Taiwan’s concert.It’s his hometown,he should perform.”Teukie said.
“Whaat!?!Hyung,it’s not SJM concert!”Henry got a shock,and nearly fell off his chair when Teukie said that but Sungmin caught him.
“Henry,Teukie hyung is not wrong.You should have a solo for Taiwan’s show.Don’t you want to make your family and relatives proud?”Sungmin asked.
“Yes I want but it’s hyungs stage~”Henry said.He knows very well it will be weird for him to have a solo on Super Junior’s Super Show.
“Nonsense! It’s your stage too.In fact,it’s ALL our stage.Hyung,what do you think?”Teukie asked the person in charge again.
“That’s not a bad idea.But is it…you know…safe?”Person-in-charge was referring to the sensitive issue.
“Perfectly safe!You don’t know how much Taiwan ELFs love Henry~That time we went to Taiwan for SJM fan party~WHOA~Strings everywhere~”Donghae said and everyone laughed.
“Hyung,you are exaggerating! My placards were not even 1/10 of yours~”Henry said.
“That’s because you never see and hear properly! They were yelling ‘LIU XIAN HUA,WO AI NI!(I love you,Henry Lau!)”Siwon said.
The rest of the SJM members also nodded.
“Hyung,it should be alright.So,it’s settled to let Henry have a solo?Who agrees?”Teukie asked and everyone raised their hands.
Henry just gave a sigh.He couldn’t object when all his 14 hyungs agree.
Person-in-charge,”Alright.But Henry,you may have to do up your own music and dance because the teachers are a bit tied up with SNSD’s second album.You can do up everything and let the teachers check whether if it is alright.”
Henry nodded,”No problem,hyung.I do it up as soon as possible.”
“Alright,that settles everything~Those how have schedules faster go for them.Those who have nothing to do,don’t run about anywhere to create news.”
The meeting ended,with Henry cracking his head,thinking what to do for his solo.Violin?Sing?Dance?Piano?

3 days after the meeting.Henry locked himself in his room ever since he came back from the meeting,only leaving the room when Ryeowook asked him out to eat and BATHE.
“AHH!”Henry yelled from his room and it was already close to midnight.
The members outside and in their rooms got a shock.(Yesung,Sungmin,Eunhyuk,Ryeowook,Kyuhyun and Donghae who dropped in for a visit)
“What happened!?!”All of them rushed into Henry’s room.(A/N: LOL.Like parents getting nervous when their babies cry.)
“I’ve finished my solo music~~~”Henry said happily.
“Finally? HAHA! Let’s hear it!”Ryeowook said.
“No problem,hyung~”Henry turned back to his laptop and clicked play.

“DAEBAK~(Big hit!)”Sungmin said after the song ended.
“Hyung,really?HAHA!”Henry was happy with his hyung’s compliment.
The other members also said it was good although they didn’t understand what the lyrics meant.
“Did you give a title to the song yet?”Eunhyuk asked.
“Yes~ It’s called Sick of Love.”Henry replied.
“Henry~ Let’s exchange our solo music~”Donghae suddenly went close to Henry and hugged him.
“Hyung,are you drunk?”Henry asked and all of them laughed.
“Just joking~”Donghae said and he asked to hear the song again.

Heechul was walking into SM for Chu’s dance practice and he met Sulli on the way.
“Oppa,I heard you all are performing Chu in SS2?Who’s going to be me?”Sulli asked excitedly.
“Yes~HAHA! We haven’t confirm who is going to be who.Any suggestions?”Heechul asked.
“Why don’t Oppa be me?It will be fun!”Sulli gave her beautiful smile and Heechul fell into it.

Heechul was walking into SM for Chu’s dance practice and he met Sulli on the way.
“Oppa,I heard you all are performing Chu in SS2?Who’s going to be me?”Sulli asked excitedly.
“Yes~HAHA! We haven’t confirm who is going to be who.Any suggestions?”Heechul asked.
“Why don’t Oppa be me?It will be fun!”Sulli gave her beautiful smile and Heechul fell into it.

“Guys,I’m changing roles!”Heechul announced once he stepped into the practice room.
“Again?!?”The 4 of them yelled,Eunhyuk,Ryeowook,Donghae and Shindong.
“Yes. I’m going to be Sulli,Shindong will be Victoria and Eunhyuk will be Krystal.”Heechul said happily.
“Arasso,hyung.”The 4 of them agreed since they can’t do anything to object.
And the practice went on and they had a long discussion on how on earth Shindong was going to somersault like Victoria.
In the end it was settled that Shindong will just roll instead of somersault.

“Henry,fighting!” Some of his hyungs yelled before Henry went up the stage for his solo dance.He was very nervous and his heart was thumping very fast.
This was the first time he is going to perform alone in front of 11,000 people.Whether they like him,he doesn’t care anymore.
The moment he stepped out to the stage and the music started,and the screams from fans was deafening.
Everyone was waiting for his surprise that he mentioned in his reply in Baidu.

Henry’s solo ended and he went back to the backstage,having tears in his eyes.He was so touched.
His hyungs came up to him and gave him a quick pat on the shoulders or a hug before going up to stage.
Zhoumi came up to him and hug this little brother and Henry just cried on his shoulders.
Finally,some recognition by the fans.

At the end of the concert,as usual,Henry and Zhoumi came out to thank the fans too.
And this time the rest of the members went to play with them.
Henry was trying to talk to the fans and Teukie suddenly grabbed a bottle of water and went behind Henry.
Donghae came pass and Teukie planned his water attack on Henry with Donghae and Shindong.
Donghae quickly grabbed a bottle of water and when he came back,Shindong lifted Henry’s hat and Teukie and Donghae poured water down Henry.
“AH!!”Henry yelled immediately.The members all laughed and Henry pouted.
Their attention turned to Zhoumi and immediately poured water down Zhoumi too.
The members just had fun all around the stage and Henry and Zhoumi became the translators for Siwon and Donghae.
(A/N: You can see Donghae and Siwon speaking into Henry and Zhoumi’s ears then the later speak into their ears again.)
The first day of concert ended well and the members had a good rest for the second day.

The second day of concert was even crazier.
During Chu,Shindong rolled so well that his wig dropped off.
The members were soaking wet at the end of the concert and when Henry and Zhoumi came out,the members poured water on them.
Donghae even drank a mouth of water and spat on the both of them.Zhoumi was touched by the fans and teared.
The members were just having having loads of fun on stage.Even the staff said,”They are totally just playing!”

After the concert,they went to a Korean BBQ restaurant for their after-party.
Henry’s family who specially flew to Taiwan to watch the concert were also there.
The members were meeting Henry’s parents for the first time,so they bowed and greeted them formally together.
“Ah~ Ryeowook! I finally get to meet you~”Henry’s mother was smiling so happily and went forward to hug Ryeowook who was taken back.
“Mum,you’ve frighten Ryeowook hyung!”Henry exclaimed.”Sorry hyung,my mother loves you.”Ryeowook smiled and said,”It’s okay!”
“Ryeowook ah,Henry said you always took care of him.Thank you so much.Must have been tiring for you because he is such a brat.”Henry’s mother spoke in fluent Korean.Ever since her son went to Korea,she went to take on Korean lessons too.
“Eomeoni(Mother),it’s okay.Henry listens very well to us,just that he can be very dirty sometimes.”Ryeowook laughed.
The both of them chatted so happily that Henry felt like he was an outsider.

Henry’s father went to find Teukie and Hangeng,speaking in Mandarin.
“Thank you both for taking care of Henry.”He took both of their hands and Hangeng helped to translate to Teukie.
“No need to thank us~ It’s our responsibility,Abeoji(Father).”Teukie said.
The 3 of them smiled and sat down to chat more.
The rest of the members ocassionally came to talk to Henry’s parents too.

The after party ended and the members were all tired after reaching the hotel that all of them went to sleep immediately after a bath.
(A/N: I don’t think Henry bathed.LOL)

Written by: EternalHua@twitter

I know the fic invloves a tiny bit of Only13 issues,but please refrain from commenting about it.Just comment on the fic itself.

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