[Updates] Where is Henry now?


Some may already know this but some may not.
He is in Boston,taking classes in Berklee College of Music.

How do we know?
1. In his Facebook profile,he added Berklee College of Music ’14 in his education column.See it here.

2. Last month went SJM when China for Semir CF shooting,the designer’s SINA update said Henry was flying America after the shooting,and Siwon also added on “and it’s the Economy Class”. Read it here.

3. According to some sources(not sure if they are reliable),Henry already enrolled for Berklee’s Online school in 2009 and that he has attended Orientation back in May.

And also,we found an interview of Henry’s brother.And it’s recent.
HOWEVER,we are not sure if this interview is 100% true.

We are posting the interview just for the sake of sharing.It’s up to everyone to believe how true this interview is.If you ask us do we believe,we can only say we are doubtful.

Below is the interview.

Oh, Brother!

By Jonathan Chan

Twenty-year-old Henry Lau may not be a name you instantly recognize. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he’s an up and coming star in both the Korean and Chinese music industries as a member of Super Junior-M, the Mando-pop extension of the widely popular Korean boy band, Super Junior.

Henry was discovered when Korean management label, SM Entertainment, held auditions in Toronto. Showcasing the violin and popping, he was featured in Super Junior’s “Don’t Don” music video and on popular variety shows, such as Korea’s “Star King.”

Amidst all this success, how would it feel to be his brother? A-Line got the chance to talk to Henry’s older brother*, a Canadian college student, about Henry’s success.

Before SM…
J.CHAN: It must be thrilling that your brother is becoming a success in Asia.
C.LAU: It’s definitely cool to see Henry have an opportunity to rise to stardom. Before he started out, I did not know anything about SM or the Asian music industry, but I knew he was going somewhere.

J.CHAN: When did he start taking up music?
C.LAU: He started taking piano lessons from my mom at about four and violin lessons at seven. I think he was indifferent towards music up until junior high when his talent for performing started to show.

J.CHAN: As a violinist, I”m pretty envious of Henry’s technique. He must’ve won some awards, right?
C.LAU: On top of local and regional violin solo competitions, he received the Silver Medal for the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. The Silver Medal is awarded to the soloist who obtained the highest mark in the Level 10 category.

J.CHAN: Maybe I should practice more. Do you think that if Henry were a college student he would continue his passion in music?
C.LAU: Definitely, specifically in music production, jazz, composition or arrangement. As a back-up, he would probably enroll in violin performance.

J.CHAN: Henry was in his final year of high school before auditioning for SM, did he apply to any universities?
C.LAU: After the SM auditions, Henry applied to the University of Toronto for Music Education and actually received two letters of acceptance: one for Music Education and one for Violin Performance. Currently, he’s planning to enroll part-time at Berklee College of Music in Boston during the summer to improve on his music production abilities.

The Audition and More…
J.CHAN: What was Henry’s path once he was recruited by SM Entertainment?
C.LAU: Henry was first engaged as a trainee at SM Entertainment and then debuted four months later with Super Junior-M.

J.CHAN: How did you feel when Henry auditioned for SM?
C.LAU: I didn’t even know that he was auditioning or was serious about it! Henry always did popping and violin performances for school events and had a lot of close Korean friends who danced with him. I suspect that his friends made him aware about the auditions.

J.CHAN: How did your family and friends react to the news?
C.LAU: Everyone was excited to have a potential celebrity family member or friend. A month after the auditions, a Chinese speaker at SM contacted my mother. The company offered our family an all-expense included trip to Korea for us to see the environment that Henry would train in. However, only my mother and Henry were able to go. Upon returning, all doubts were put to rest and my brother had the full support of my mom.

J.CHAN: I find it interesting that Henry, raised as a Chinese-Canadian, entered the Korean music industry. What were your feelings?
C.LAU: Entering the Korean market was an extremely good chance to engage in a culture that he otherwise might not have had the opportunity to. There weren’t any type of prejudice that we held towards the Korean market. We only had positive connotations associated with Korea as we both love Korean food.

Getting a Bit Personal…
J.CHAN: Who are Henry’s music idols?
C.LAU: Especially as he is focused in producing his own music, I feel that he admires the work of J.R. Rotem and Lady Gaga’s producer. I would also think he would like to collaborate with Usher.

J.CHAN: There is always a concern that young celebrities are caught up in the entertainment industry. Do you think fame has gotten to him at all?
C.LAU: I think the fame definitely has taken a toll on him but not in the way you’d expect. Since he’s pretty much always on tour in Asia, he doesn’t have a lot of free time and when he does, he’s usually working on his own music.

J.CHAN: Considering your brother’s success, how many people have gone up to you about him?
C.LAU: Not as many people as most would expect. I do get random Facebook and MSN adds from his fans in Asia, but in person, only friends of friends ask and even then, it is more curiosity.

J.CHAN: Do you usually introduce yourself as Henry’s brother?
C.LAU: I usually don’t. If I do, it’s because I want to find some common ground between a new person I meet, especially if I’m abroad or meet someone from Asia.

J.CHAN: Funny that I’m asking this question, but for A-Line’s female audience, what qualities does Henry like in a girl?
C.LAU: One value that Henry holds highest in girl’s qualities is kindness towards others. He likes girls that are more so than average, kinder towards everyone.

J.CHAN: I’ve always wondered do you ever get jealous of his spotlight?
C.LAU: No. When I see Henry, he’s doing something that’s maximizing his potential and it’s not something that everyone has a chance to do. I also know that our strengths lie in different areas so when I see him in the spotlight, I am excited and proud more than anything else.

*The name of Henry’s brother has been withheld upon the source’s request.

Cr: Aline Magazine
Shared by: StringswithHenry@wordpress.com

In the interview,it’s mentioned that Henry is “planning to enroll part-time at Berklee College of Music in Boston during the summer to improve on his music production abilities.”

Whether the interview is true or fake,it’s quite a fact that Henry is in Berklee College of Music.Whether part-time or full-time,we don’t know.


Some Assumptions(Assumptions meaning just our guesses,nothing is real unless proven.You can choose not to believe.)

1. Berklee provides summer programs which are short term and Henry probably is taking one of them.Short term meaning they are like workshops for a certain period of time.(However,unless Henry changed his FB profile for weird/unknown/for-fun reasons,the year stated in the education column is 2014,meaning graduating 2014.)

2. He could be taking part time and made special arrangements with the school so that he can still take part in SJM activities.

3.Or maybe he is taking full time classes,meaning no participation in SJM activities.(Think this is the least possible since his contract hasn’t ended.I think.)

Whatever situation it is,we don’t know.Unless SM releases official news or Henry himself(or even the members) says that he is out of SJM/SM,we will not believe in any other rumours that he is quitting or whatsoever.

Some research done and words/opinions by Mod Z(EternalHua@twitter)

Went to Berklee’s website and look through their details,courses and curriculum.And after looking through,I had 1 conclusion,Berklee College of Music is REALLY a good school for musicians.His idol Wang LeeHom(Taiwanese Singer) graduated from there too.The school really provides a lot of courses. There’s music production related courses and it’s obvious that Henry likes to produce music. ^^ Henry didn’t really have the chance to go to a proper university since he graduated from high school because he went to Korea to become a trainee.I think…Henry shouldn’t be deprived of the fun every teenager has in university life?(He is still young,only 20 now and 21 after his birthday in October).

Henry has his plans to follow and dreams to fulfill.Whatever it is,we should respect his decision and still support him~I believe that with him going classes,he will be back with even more skills and will produce even more nice works for everyone!(P.S Still waiting for his Sick of Love. T.T) Let’s just anticipate for a even better Mochi to be back whenever it is~

Some other matters

On a more serious note,I wish nobody goes spamming Henry’s twitter or even the SJ members and the friends he follows on Twitter,asking all sorts of things about him schooling.Henry still has his own privacy and I think nobody wants to be viewed as a crazy fangirl,this may let people have a bad impression of Strings.You can go follow his friends,but don’t spam them or tweet them weird things.It may be disturbing for them.But we are not here to control your actions and have no wish to control too,so it’s your own actions.

Also,regarding his facebook account,for now we will only believe he has ONLY 1 FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.This one.Unless proven otherwise,we will not believe in any other account.However,it’s up to everyone to decide whether to believe or not.Like I said above,we won’t control you and have no wish to control.

With everything said,we will continue to post anything that regards/mentions Henry,and of course his twitter updates.Hope everyone can have well wishes for Henry and pray for him to get good grades~(Not hinting that he is bad in studies.LOL!)


14 thoughts on “[Updates] Where is Henry now?

  1. Uhm, well, maybe his brother chose to not very detail about his debut *his brother was at Taiwan Univ and busy with his own life at that time **???** or maybe to avoid the bad memory of ‘Only13′ thing, he chose to not care about the exact time.
    And i think he enrolled to Berklee is legit since a few of his friends are Berklee’ student too.
    Did his poppin friend *everyone knows who he is* go to SM audition too with Henry? I am always curious about this thing.
    Whether it’s his brother or not, and fact that Henry is somewhere in this world, i wish him the best.

  2. We can’t expect Henry’s brother to remember the exact debut date when Henry has also made that mistake. From Henry’s Baidubar, Henry wrote that he debuted in 2006 in the letter to fans with the thread topic :(:(:( when in reality he debuted in 2008. I’m assuming that Henry’s brother thought that being featured in Dont Don counted as debut, but he got confused with SJ and SJ-M. Also, if my memory serves me right, Henry didn’t go to Korea for training until Spring 2007 and in 4 months he was featured in Dont Don. I believe that the A-Line article is legit, but anyone can choose to not believe it.

  3. Hey ! It’s Henry. I love what you all are doing here! Thanx for all the support and love! I come here myself sometimes even to keep updated with what’s going with ME haahah Take care and all the best!
    and don’t worry…I’m doing great!

  4. I hope he will sleep well , eat well . .
    n don’t forget strings . .
    Really miss u oppa .
    I always pray for u . .
    Take care .

  5. good to know,where he is right nao,I really miss him,he’s so talented,sometimes I don’t really agree with only 13 thing. I love to see henry in Super Junior M,he’s talented,he has a right to get spotlight too:’)

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