[Video] 130129 M CountDown Teaser (With Translations)

Zhou Mi: Hello everyone, we are Super Junior M!

Eunhyuk: Our album has reached 1st on Billboard World Album chart! The stages we are going to show on M Countdown is a song made by Henry, named “Go”.

Henry: It’s a bright song.

Kyuhyun: That’s why the song started with Henry and ended with Henry.

Eunhyuk: Title song, Break Down! First public performance at M Countdown, the performance will be really great.

Zhou Mi: This is the first time I am standing on Korea’s stage. I waited for 4 years…

Henry: Really wished to do it (performing on Korea’s stage)..

Eunhyuk: It’s a stage we really wished for so please do support us. Meet you on this week Thursday 6pm M COuntdown. We are Super Junior M!

Translated: StringswithHenry.com