[Videos] 130323-24 Super Show 5 Part 1 (With translation of 2nd day ending speech)

Ending Ment on 2nd day

Credits: Reinheit honeybee @ Youtube

Translation of what he said:

Henry: It does not feel like it was a concert today. Really it feel like we are playing together with fans, so I really like it. Actually, I have something to say. Not counting Canada, the country that I lived the longest is Korea. During Lunar New Year, I eat the rice cake soup. During birthdays, when I wake up, I feel that I need to drink seaweed soup. That is why Korea is like my home.I really wish to be able to have more activities at my home. If I have activities, I will need to have the support from ELF. I will feel lonely if I don’t have ELF. I will really work hard in the future, singing, dance, composing, I will work hard, please…support me.

Siwon: everyone, our Super Junior M song “Go” is composed by Henry.
Kyuhyun: A-Oh! too.
Henry: It’s you.
Kyuhyun: Ah, It’s you.
Eunhyuk: Also, first released yesterday and today, the song “So Cold” that was sang by me, Henry, Siwon and Donghae was made by Henry.
Ryeowook: please give applause.

English ment, so no translations~

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