[Videos] MBC Real Men Compilation Cuts

Henry appa! Thanks for taking care of our boy :)

Other than cooking, Henry will be an expert in folding clothes soon

Sharing’s good but choose the right time please. One for all,all for one punishment:(

Strict uniform check!

Henry brought $$$ from “advice” by members to buy machine guns n pistol in camp

No.267 Recruit Henry with the same problem as Hyunsik! Funny toilet question:)

Funny medical check like a 5-7years old elementary student

Henry got in a bit of trouble because he said the guy (senior soldier) looked like pineapple (because of his hair)

Gun / shooting training :) like a little boy playing hahaha

Writing letter to his family~ heartwarming T^T Don’t worry, I’m sure you make your parents proud Henry~

LOL Henry so happy, suddenly kissed the instructor soldier OTL hahahaha

Henry stripping~ /faints/ hahahaha Also caught eating chocolates and sharing with others~

Arriving at Mt. Baekdu Recruit training center

Eating meal in cold; Henry a farting machine???! ROFL XD hahahahahahaha

son Henry doesn’t want eat the kimchi so Geunhyung appa quickly took it and ate it X3 lol

Stripping naked outside the snow >< Henry and ZE:A Hyungsik hugging :D

Snow ski-ing

Rappelling in rocky snow~


Credits: MBCentertainment @ youtube