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2010-3-8 04:09
Title: :( :( :(

2010-3-8 05:33
Dear all,I really don’t understand. Aren’t people supposed to care and to protect what is their own? We speak the same language, eat the same food, have the same customs and yet we are not welcome in our own country to perform. All we want to do is to express ourselves through performing and music but how can we do this when there is so much hate? Don’t you find it funny how we can perform in every other country without any problems except for our own home country? I I left my friends, family, and everything else back in Canada to pursue a dream all alone here in Asia.

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Title: 『iHenry』100223Henry┆What’s the name of Henry’s solo?

2010-2-23 03:12
dui…zhe shou ge (Sick of Love) shi wo ziji zuo de…
geci ye shi wo xie de! (you dian qi guai) hehe
hao ting ma?
keneng yi hou keyi fang zai wang shang gei nimen download!
biao yan hao kan ma?

Yeap…This song (Sick of Love) is composed by me…
The lyrics are also written by me!(It’s a bit weird) hehe
Is it nice?
Probably I’ll put a download link in the future for everyone to download!
Was the performance nice?

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Title: HELLO!!!

2010-2-20 00:44
da jia hao!!
xin nian kuai le!!!
gong xi fa cai!!!
hong bao na lai!!!!
:):):) ^^

Hi everyone!!
Long time no see!!
Happy New Year!!!
Gong xi fa cai!!!1
Hong Bao na lai!!!!2
:):):) ^^

1 A Chinese New Year greeting.
2 Henry is asking for red packets.It’s the Chinese tradition for older people to give red packets with money inside to the young/unmarried ones during Chinese New Year.So…it’s weird for him to be asking from us.

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Title: 『iHenry』091024消息┆henry I miss you!

2009-10-24 23:28
:) :) :) :)

2009-10-24 23:30
wo ye xiang nimen!! Dui bu qi…hao jiu mei you lai gen nimen shuo hua…wo zui jin hen hen hen hen hen HEN mang.. yuan liang wo ba! :) :) forgive me!

I miss you all too!!Sorry…I didn’t come to chat with everyone for so long…I’m very very very very very VERY busy recently…Forgive me! :) :) forgive me!

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