[News] New album release after 6 years, Henry “Putting in everything I have”

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“Everyone asked me why did it take so long. I didn’t just want to make music, I wanted to select meaningful songs wisely and put them in so it turned out like this. “

Singer Henry came back with a new album, mini 3rd album “Journey” after 6 years.

“Because all the songs were made at home, I wanted to hold the showcase here.” On the 18th, Henry set up cameras and instruments in his house and held an online showcase to perform the new songs live.

Renowned for his outstanding performing skills, Henry moved around performing the songs with Buk(Korean drum), piano, vocoder.

Henry explained that the delay of the album release was due working alone in the new entertainment company and forming of the new team. Moreover, it took time for Henry to paint his music with his own colour.


“The title of the album is Journey. It’s not a joyful journey, but referring to  a path of finding myself. This album is the process of finding myself. I wanted to convey the “Henry’s sound” that could show what kind of person Henry is.

The ballad genre title song, ‘Radio’ projects Henry’s life memories and musical views. Henry’s unique sweet voice and dynamic drums sounds flow in harmonization.

Henry introduced the song, “The song was created using those radio I heard when I was young as a subject matter, together with past memories and also thinking about the future me.”

Other songs are ‘Hands Up’, an upbeat song with a “sing-a-long” part as a special point, ‘Right Now’ which conveys a message “to do what you want at this moment”, ‘Just Be Me’ a desire to find your way of loving yourself.

In particular, the song that featured 7 people attracted most attention. The friendships that were formed through MBC TV variety show ” I Lived Alone”, GRAY, Kim Go Eun, Park Na Rae, Park Jun Hyung, Jeon Hyun Moo, Jessi and Han Hyejin voices were added.

Henry “When I requested help for featuring, Na Rae noona readily agreed and Jessi noona replied “Why do I have to?”, Hyeon Moo hyung asked to save many of his parts.”

“Just like the song title, I contacted the people that I wished to invite over to my house to feature in the song. Recently, most people are exhausted from social distancing. I made song the song because I wanted to get the feeling that we are playing together.”

He emphasized once again that he worked even into the fine details of the album by himself . Also, he thanked the fans who were waiting for him for such a long time.

“In the past, I’ve only been working on music but for this album from the cover to the logo and photos, I paid attention to every single thing… Sorry for making my fans wait so long, and I wish to say thank you for waiting. It’s an album that contains lots of worries, minds, thoughts and sweat etc.”

Source: Yeonhap News

Translated: StringswithHenry.com Please take out with full credits.