[NEWS] Kangin, who’s going into army, Participates in SuJu 4jib Repackaged (Mention of Henry)

Super Junior’s 4jib repackage album is getting attention for self-written songs by the members. The album will be released on upcoming 28th.

This repackage album has original 4jib’s 11 songs and has the follow up song “No Other,” which will be released on 25th through music sites. The album also has more powerful “Shake It Up” remix, the member’s self-written song “All My Heart” and “A Short Journey,” total of 15 songs with 4 new songs.

A ballad song composed by leader Leeteuk and Super Junior-M’s member Henry “All My Heart” excluded all sharp sounds as much as possible to deliver feeling of warm heart just like the title itself. It’s mainly by acoustic guitar to express pop feel. Since it’s Leeteuk’s first ever self-composed song, he has shown passion while making of the song even in his hectic schedule.

Also, there will be a welcoming for fans as Kangin, who is going in to army, has participated in another self-composed song by member Donghae, and lyrics by member Eunhyuk. The song, titled “A Short Journey” is a simple song with repetitive chorus and fresh melody.

This song was the last song Kangin participated before going into the army, so the money collected from digital side will be used to help people in need.

Super Junior will be on KBS “Music Bank” – Looking back on first half of the year on 25th, performing goodbye performance of 4jib title song “BONAMANA.”

Source: Daum
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[News] Henry’s participation in SJ’s Repackaged album songs

These are the 4 new songs that will be in SJ’s repackaged album.

여행 (A Short Journey)
잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey)
Music By Donghae & Lyrics By Eunhyuk

진심 (All My Heart)
Composed by Leeteuk & Henry

너 같은사람 또 없어 (No Other)

Shake It Up (Remix)

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[News] SJ-M wouldn’t be attending Taiwan Golden Melody Awards

There’s 2 similar news.

1st news

SJ-M felt sorry not being able to attend Golden Melody Awards and thank the judges for their recognition and fans’ support

Known to be this year’s Golden Melody Awards biggest runner up,Super Junior M felt very excited being nominated as the “Best Group”.However because there are 4 members who have to follow the main group Super Junior for their new album promotions,it’s confirmed that they(SJ-M) will not be attending Golden Melody Awards, and they felt really sorry.

Although SJ-M can’t go to Taiwan(for the ceremony),Siwon expressed that they are very happy to receive recognition from the judges.They had always attended the ceremony as guests and never thought one day they themselves could be nominated, he hopes everyone can anticipate silently for SJ-M’s comeback.Although (we) can’t see SJ-M in person for the ceremony,their main group Super Junior new album [Minah (Bonamana)] will officially be released in Taiwan on the 18th.

Cr: Yahoo!奇摩
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2nd news

SJ-M busy with promotions,won’t be attending Golden Melody Awards

Korea idol group Super Junior sub unit Super Junior-M,got nominated in this year’s Golden Melody Awards based on their mini album [Super Girl],but because they are busy promoting their new album,it’s confirmed that they will not be attending the ceremony.

Since the release of the nomination results,many fans were concerned whether SJ-M will attend the ceremony which will be held on the 26th;but today *Avex announced because SJ-M has 4 members who are busy with the main group SJ new album [Bonamana] promotions ,it’s confirmed they will not be attending the ceremony.

Receiving recognition from the Golden Melody Awards with their mini album “Super Girl” release,,they(SJ-M) expressed that they are very thankful.Previously to break in the Mandarin Music area,for 2 years,the members worked hard to learn Mandarin,practice Mandarin pronounciation,being nominated now had raised their confidence level.

Memeber Siwon said,”Being able to be nominated in Golden Melody Awards,such a well known music ceremony in the Chinese area,we felt really hounoured.” Avex also relayed that SJ-M will use a more serious and hard working attitude in the future,to officially break into the Mandarin Pop Music stage.

Cr: 中央社
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* Note: Avex is their record company in Taiwan.

[Fan account] Short account on Semir commercial filming

This is what my friend(China String) told me.

They were filming in enclosed studio in the first floor,fans were all closed outside.This studio has windows,so everytime when someone passes by the window,we can see.I saw Henry 2,3 times from the far.He will stand at the window and wave to the fans,seems to be very high.Sometimes he will walk pass the window.Wore green-black striped T shirt,hairstyle was the same as the twitter pictures,probably shorter.

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[News] Super Junior M to participate in “Korea’s Impression”

The new info-travel program will be hitting the television soon. Produced single-handedly by the same production crew of , and following this success, it will showcase the current Korean trends as well as the cultures, bringing you a whole new different side of Korea.

will collaborate with Korea’s company SM, with some of their artists appearing the show, including Super Junior M’s members who will be appearing in the show as guest hosts, bringing everyone to experience the typical life of a Korean, like what they like to eat and where they like go. will begin airing this Saturday for every Saturday at 21:00 on the arts and culture channel, and from 31 May, SiTV will also air the show every Monday, from 21:00.

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But we are not sure which members are going to appear yet.